WDRB Features McRae Enterprises | Butchertown Eye Care Institute and COVID-19

McRae Enterprises - Building Butchertown Eye Care Institute cleared for COVID-19 trials

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — A local company is hoping to bring COVID-19 vaccine trials to Louisville.

Mark Prussian, CEO of Eye Care Institute and Butchertown Clinical Trials, said bids are in place to make the institute part of the trials.

McRae Enterprises is helping with the new construction, which is expected to begin in July and wrap up by the end of the year. President and CEO Micah McRae said this project is certainly one the team is proud to be part of.

“It adds a great reward to the project,” McRae said. “It gets beyond just the construction side and turns it into something that helps all society and makes it much more rewarding.”

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