Commercial Development


Every business has many need and requirements when it comes to a commercial development project. Maybe your business is seeking another location due to expansion. Possibly it is time to renew a lease and it is within the budget to renovate the space. Maybe you are an entrepreneur and are currently seeking a space or location for a business opporuntiy.

If practical and experienced commercial land development is in question, then McRae Enterprises is the answer.


Ground Up Build

Creating new walls, footings and foundations are tasks most contractors can accomplish, but McRae Enterprises also understands the human element within every business. McRae Enterprises has the ability to work around an established design, or our team of designers can work closely with you to visualize the business from the ground up. We work closely with business owners throughout the entire land development process, taking into account a businesses end goals and specific location requirements. We are dedicated to getting the job done right to effectively build your dream location. Our skill, experience and expertise are what businesses have been hoping for in a commercial development company in the Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio areas.


Tenant Fit-Up

Also referred to as a fit-out or build-out, is the act of transforming a space to accommodate the specific requirements of a tenant. This could include changing lighting, coming up with better ways to utilize space, or perhaps even choosing the right colors and furniture. It is the process of making a tenant as happy as possible with their new investment. A proper tenant fit-up is essential to providing better productivity as well as a great first impression. We can do custom build outs to any existing real estate so a space works better for both employees and customers. At McRae Enterprises, our professionals can help transform a space that accommodate the specific requirements of a tenant.



Build To Suit is a way of leasing property, usually for commercial purposes, in which the developer or landlord builds to a tenant's specifications. The landowner pays for the construction and retains ownership of the property, but the tenant then leases the land and building from the landowner. Build to suit tenants are those who wish to occupy a building of a certain type but do not wish to own the building. Keeping the space filled and the new tenant happy so as to have to consistently put it up for lease is the end goal. Helping the tenant to succeed so they can grow and thrive in that space benefits everyone involved. Our team at McRae Enterprises has successfully managed many build to suit projects of various scopes and sizes since the company was founded in 2010.

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